Fsx scenery textures

Fsx scenery textures

Fsx scenery textures
Advanced Search. If this is your first visit, welcome! Please note that you will need to register to use many of the site's best features, including downloading files and posting messages. Until you register you can read any of the articles on this page and also read messages in the forums. Need help getting started? Please read our Help For New Flightsimmers. This will give you the info you need to get started flying and using this web site. Results 1 to 9 of 9. Thread: Best way to improve FSX scenery? Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Join Date Jun Posts Best way to improve FSX scenery? I don't want anything too expensive but just something that would improve the overall look of the FSX Scenery. Many thanks for any help! Join Date Jul Posts I'm getting mine this weekend. Hopefully it works with Steam and hope it runs smooth. I'm currently using the default scenery right now, but I'm hoping it will make flying a lot better once I get it. Originally Posted by tilneyg Originally Posted by mindframe The first thing to realise is that there are TWO main type of scenery improvements to consider - Terrain and Ground. Terrain Mesh TM type products cover the dips and bumps i.


What's new? Take a look at the commercial scenery listing: www. Project Open Scenery ftxdes. Contains 50 airports plus VFR scenery flightsim. Algiers Real Scenery library. Photoscenery 0. Another scenery library. Bird TAPA library. Bird TAPA. Another scenery II flightsim. FS adapted for FSX www. Another scenery www. Another scenery I library. Another scenery II library. Another scenery. Bulgaria mesh flightsim. Virgin Islands library. Virgin Islands. Another scenery flightsim. Ouani FMCV library. Includes 93 airports and cities flightsim. Photoreal flightsim. Ethiopian airfields pack 6 myspace. Ethiopian airfields pack 4 myspace. Another scenery whitedotsim. Ethiopian airfields pack 5 myspace. Ethiopian airfields pack 1 myspace. Ethiopian airfields pack 2 myspace. Ethiopian airfields pack 3 myspace. Another scenery III library. Marquesas Islands south. Plus scenery of other islands flightsim. Ada PGSN library.

Fsx photoreal scenery free

Scenery Page 1. Upload a file. Real Aviation. Site map. Become a member. Contact Us. Using This Site. This is just a demo, right, so no complaints if there are any shortcomings. There are a few issues whch I mention below but this scenery is just for fun and to show what can be done with FSX. And this is just scraping the surface! Roger Mole Rollerball. Flight Simulator X terrain is defined in the terrain. During testing, we have determined a certain number of modifications to this file that will correct some problems with the FS world and also provide more options for scenery designers. For example, in some places, water bodies display rocky areas - this file fixes that. Note: It does not smooth out the terrain - just colors it so it isn't so obviously flawed. I have travelled in and out of the island on many occasions and, despite the lack general lack of information on the internet about the airport, this is a pretty accurate representation. Features include accurate control tower, accurate terminal building, grass parking area, static aircraft, ground vehicles, car park, fire-station, surrounding trees, perimeter fencing and more. The airport is at N49 42 44 and W 12 It may even work in earlier versions of FS but this is untested. Tim Clayton. Features include parkable hangars, accurate control tower, accurate new terminal building, gates, aero club, static aircraft, ground vehicles, car parks, fire-station, surrounding trees, perimeter fencing and more. The airport is at N49 26 00 and W 36 FSX Canary Islands. Toni Agramont.

Fsx freeware scenery

Fsx scenery textures
Make your flight simulator as real as it gets! While the default texture resolution is 64x64, this replacement comes with x DXT5. Every plane repaint required a complete complement of the model's textures to be present in every texture livery folder. This pack contains all the Airbus of the family A four models with custom sounds. The main aim of this package is maximum enjoyment and even though we have not graphically designed anything, our airports and surroundings provide a bigger experience of most Extreme Airports, and enable you to test your skills around these airports to the maximum. Especially the grass textures, they look like bushes to me. I have a perfectly fine FSX install and that file is nowhere on my system. The runway textures and lighting options are just amazing does not matter if you're flying into an international airport or a small puddle jumper. Transform all airports worldwide with one click. Detailed Description. Mesh complexity Better terrain definition. Airport graphics. There was a basic fallback. Day and night lighting textures included, giving a realism never seen before at default airports. SD : Simple definition. Replaces the 15 textures of the moon through high definition textures that make a real improvement in terms of realism. Many existing aircraft and sceneries suffer display problems with these FSX versions, such as missing textures or missing scenery objects in the DirectX 10 mode. Defrag your hd on a regular basis. High quality snow and grass textures from Drzewiecki Design : www. This stunning enhancement lends new immersion to your flight simulation experience! Years in the making, developer Scott Armstrong has used his eye for natural-looking vegetation to create beautifully realistic autogen trees that simply must be seen to be believed. Type Complete with Base Model Download hits.

Fsx grass textures

With these textures I have tried to solve three problems, in the first place, to deal with the 'desert' problem that so many people have complained of, secondly, to deal with the winter textures and thirdly and finally to deal with the autumn textures. With regard to the 'desert' problem, I have modified the default textures in tone and color to try, so far as is possible, to reduce or eliminate the barren brown color of the default textures. The result is that mountainous areas now no longer look as if they are covered with sand! In addition, since I found the drab washed-out fawn color of the winter textures utterly unrealistic I modified those, too, in an attempt to make winter look more like winter! Finally, I thought that many of the autumn textures were too orange so I unsaturated them a little as well as making one or two other little changes. So far as the USA textures are concerned, my biggest difficulty was with a large number of non-field textures: there are, for example, textures to represent many different types of desert terrain, bare desert, semi-desert sage, semi-desert shrubs, and the list goes on. I do not live in the US so I have no direct experience of what such landscapes look like. I relied in part on Google Earth to get some impression of the appearance of the types of various terrain but there are obvious difficulties and problems with this. The satellite photographs are affected by, amongst other things, dirt in the atmosphere as well as by the way the images have been processed and colored. It might well be, therefore, that in some cases the textures do not provide an accurate representation of the landscapes they are supposed to be representations of. I have endeavored to modify the textures in such a way as to increase the verisimilitude of the simulated world. As I have already said, for the most part, I have modified only the autumn and winter textures but in some cases, I have been obliged to modify whole seasonal sets. It is for this reason that I have not divided the texture sets by seasons. I should have noted in my comments on the European textures that they look best when visibility is limited; I checked them using settings of 40 miles and 50 miles as the visibility limits. In my opinion, the unlimited visibility setting does no favors to any of the textures and the same was true in Fs of such excellent products as Ground Environment and Bird's Eye View. The texture set comes in 8 parts. Because all the textures blend with one another I think it probably best to install them all rather than doing it piecemeal one part at a time. Before installing these textures please backup your original textures should you wish to restore them. Simply unpack the files into a folder of your choice and then move them into the FSX or whatever you have called the root simulator folder SceneryWorldTexture folder - that's it. The archive usaeuropegroundtextures. View them. This list displays the first files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them. Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. The content of the comments below are entirely the opinions of the individual posting the comment and do not always reflect the views of Fly Away Simulation. We moderate all comments manually before they are approved. I just installed these and took a flight around the Jemez Mtns.

Fsx world scenery

Skip to main content. Select Product Version. All Products. Nick Whittome MVP. COM forums. All credit should be given to Adam, I have simply translated here as requested. The symptom of this problem is increasingly blurry terrain textures the further and faster you fly. When you slow down or stop, high-resolution textures eventually appear after some delay. This problem was caused by the scheduler for background tasks in the FS engine putting too much emphasis on maintaining high and even frame rates and not enough emphasis on preventing a backlog of background work, such as loading terrain textures. Now much more CPU time is devoted to loading scenery data, including terrain textures, at the expense of somewhat lower frame rates. This change has mostly solved this cause of the blurries, although the scenery loader can still get behind at extremely low frame rates less than 10 fps or at very large airspeeds faster than knots. The easiest way is to set the target frame rate slider to a value that your machine can consistently achieve. The lower you set the slider, the more CPU time is diverted from rendering to loading data. Another thing you can do is to modify the following variable in FSX. For example, the default value of 0. If necessary, you can use a larger value to devote more time to loading. Or, if you don't have a problem with the blurries and you want slightly higher frame rates, then you can use a smaller value. Again, this variable is only available in the final release version of FSX and is not available in the beta or demo. The FSX. If a particular scene requires more video memory than your video card has available, the Flight Simulator graphics engine has no choice but to remove some of the highest resolution mipmaps from video memory to save space, leaving only lower-resolution mipmaps for rendering. This usually appears as a sudden change. One moment, all the textures in the scene are sharp and full-resolution and suddenly everything becomes more blurry. It can also get progressively worse over several frames as FS works to fit more textures into video memory. There are several ways to combat this problem. Poor filtering settings. Unfortunately, not all video cards and drivers respond the same way when Flight Simulator interacts with Direct3D to set up bilinear, trilinear, or anisotropic filtering. This means that in spite of our best efforts, the texture filter on your video card may not be set up to perform optimally. This can result in textures looking excessively blurry when viewed at an oblique angle. To fix this, try each of the different filter modes bilinear, trilinear, anisotropic to see if any of them perform better. If not, then try overriding Flight Simulator's filter settings with the settings in your display driver. Last Updated: Feb 14, Was this information helpful?

Fsx addon scenery

Beautiful texture with serious drawbacks. Is it worth it? I neither recommend nor advise against it. Decide for yourself. For free. When looked at from close distance — texture is clearly better. On the other hand — lower resolution gives a softer repeating pattern. I do not like how the texture repeats itself creating a distinctive pattern — you can see it on the screen above. The other drawback is the effect on snow and sand — if you cover it with grass texture it looks odd. Of course — the color is correct — yellow for sand, white for snow, but they are covered with grass details. Grass blades covered with snow may look good in some situations. Sandy grass blades look bad…. You need to reinstall the add-on every time you want to switch from grass to snow texture…. Unfortunately the texture it uses looks grainy and creates moire effect. You may also be less sensitive for such effects than I am. It also includes detail1. If you have lost your default detail1. Powered by WordPress Popup. The repeating pattern becomes visible. The repeating pattern is clearly visible. If you find this text interesting - share it with your friends! Follow C-Aviation. If you like my reviews and tutorials - you can support this blog. Interesting links Here are some interesting links for you! Enjoy your stay :. Pages About C-Aviation. Support us! If you like this site please help and click this button!

Fsx realistic scenery

Fsx scenery textures
Last night, I stumbled onto an Avsim forum thread that provided me with another way to attack the blurry problem, one that fixed it nicely. Note: this fix is only for nVidia video cards. However, the other problem that then resulted on my system was an unacceptable shimmering in the textures. I found it more distracting than the original blurring, and backed out the change. The forum thread I read last night mentioned a companion tweak that makes MipBias viable: in addition to adding that line to your fsx. The two fixes, in combination, made a dramatic difference in the sharpness of my FSX world without any noticable performance impact. In your fsx. My fsx. If you use an nVidia video card, go into your video settings. And without sacrificing frame rates! Thanks to Gary, Phil, and weeniemcween for the info. Ted October 4,am. Could you please tell me exactly where the fsx. Forgive my ignorance, but I have no idea and these blurries are driving me nuts! Thank you. Capn Biggles November 20,am. When added to my fsx. You have to include the mipbias line in your fsx. Together, they work well. If you forget the negative LOD bias, you get shimmering. In my current setup driver version Older versions of the driver work differently, but this should be how recent versions of the driver work. Daniel July 15,am. So try 5 next and see how it looks. If you have to, move it down to 4. Dimitri February 20,am. I changed it to

Fsx terrain

OK, I'm going mad. FSX ran wll on that setup scenerywise, unless I added some of the more complex aircrat into the mix. There is nothing wrong with the overall smothness. It's as good as FSX gets. Ground textures fliker into white, and ocean textures flicker into light blue. You can see the whole squares flashing. I've tried Bojotes tweaks, but still the same. Could this be an NVidia driver problem - I'm running the latest ones, something. Anyone have these flickers? We need to know what speed you're runninhg the K at, but to stop the ground flashing you need the BufferPools mod: Add this anywhere in the cfg as a new section. Try all of these sizes. Thanks for the quick reply Paul! You're a gent as always! Bojotes tool added those tweaks, but with other numbers for poolsize and rejectthreshold. I'll try your numbers and see if that makes a difference. It worked. I set poolsize to 1and rejectthreshold to the lowest value Did not need to apply the highmemfix tweak for the flashing to disappear. You probably wouldn't need a BufferPool at all, Simmerhead - IF you were just using ordinary rotating disc drives: but SSD's are nothing more than very large chunks of ram - very fast RAM - and can supply data times faster than discs can - hence this data needs to be included in the buffering process - and you're doing this. Your is still chewing all you can throw at it, but the issue was keeping it up with the SSD's - not the proc. Now - if you bring the proc up to 4. A gig of ram devoted to a buffer is too large: bring it to meg and see how that goes. There is no point devoting much-needed ram to a buffer that never gets fully utilized. If it's still good - drop it some more, until you find the sweet spot. Thanks again Paul. My motherboard manual doesn't make sense to me, and I've found no good tutorials, so no go for now. Your explenation of the bufferpool tweak is the best I've read in five years of fsx. Then set water to high 2. Donate to our annual general fundraising goal. This donation keeps our doors open and providing you service 24 x 7 x FSX How to Land with ILS - Autopilot Landing - Boeing


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